Job notifications. Anytime. Anywhere.

SubAssistant is an online service substitute teachers use to automatically and continuously check the online SubFinder®, SmartFindExpress® or Aesop® systems. When a new job is available, SubAssistant automatically sends you a text message or email with the job details.

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What our subs are saying:

This is an awesome tool!!! I have gotten so many sub jobs because of SubAssistant.
Rosalie Vaz'Quez, United States

Great program & great support. Well worth what they charge. I know this program is responsible for getting me 99% of my jobs and I work whenever I want to. When I did have a little problem, a simple request was all that was needed for quick and personal resolution.
Kentigern, Riverside, CA

I don't know where to begin; SubAssistant has truly changed my life, for the better. During my first assignment, another sub started talking to me, and was kind enough to share this site with me. When I got home, I registered, and within MINUTES, my phone was going off. I received dozens of text messages alerting me to new jobs. During the free trial, I was able to book an entire month of work. My trial ended and I didn't think twice of renewing. Thank you, SubAssistant. Really, thank you.
Steven, Southern California

With SubAssistant I have been able to get plenty of sub jobs. I have even been able to do most of my work in my own content area and preferred age group. This program gives subs freedom from continually staring at a screen and waiting for a job to pop up. Now I get texts and e-mails informing me of available jobs (and jobs in call out). This is especially helpful if I'm out and about; I just login to the substitute website on my phone to accept a job.

FREE 21-day trial

You have nothing to lose! Sign up for SubAssistant and try it out for 21 days! We don’t ask for a credit card for the trial, so there’s no obligation.

24 x 7 x 365

SubAssistant runs automatically, around-the-clock monitoring your accounts for new available jobs. Free yourself from continually checking online or waiting for a phone call!

Instant Notifications

Set up your SubAssistant account to send text message alerts to your phone, or an alert to your email inbox (or both!).

Accept jobs instantly

With EasyAccept™ from SubAssistant, you're just one click away from accepting jobs

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Your info is secure

You can trust that the information you provide SubAssistant is always safe. The information you provide is encrypted during transmission across the Internet and is stored with encryption. Your information is never shared.

No smartphone required

Any phone capable of receiving text messages or email can be use to receive notifications from SubAssistant.

Supports both USA and Canadian accounts

We support all US and Canadian accounts

No battery drain

Our servers run the software and send you an alert when a new job offer is available. Your phone isn't constantly checking the site, draining battery and running up the data meter.

All your accounts in one place

SubAssistant supports the most popular substitute management systems: Aesop, SubFinder, and SmartFindExpress. You can add as many accounts as you need from one or more of these systems on just one SubAssistant account!

Real Human Support

If you ever need help, you'll get a fast, personal response.

NO Downloads!

No downloads, no installation, no complicated set up! SubAssistant doesn't run on your computer or your phone; it's entirely online!