EasyAccept™ from SubAssistant will help you fill up your work calendar faster and easier than ever! EasyAccept is a one-click solution to accept job offers from the notifications you receive from SubAssistant. Your notifications from SubAssistant will include an “EasyAccept link”. Selecting this link will tell EasyAccept to attempt to accept the job for you! The best part is, if you’re using SubAssistant, you’re already set to use EasyAccept!*

What will the EasyAccept link look like?

Text Messaging:
The link will appear at the end of the text message and will look like: http://subb.us/ksJzJ (the last five characters will always be different)

The link will appear at the bottom of the email and will look like “Click here to accept this job”

SubAssistant app:
If you use the SubAssistant app for Android, you will receive a notification in your notifications bar with a quick preview of the job details. Tapping the notification will open the SubAssistant app with a preview window showing additional details for the job. To accept the job, tap the “Accept” button at the bottom of the preview window.

Using EasyAccept without a smartphone

Most feature phones allow access to the Internet, but in a very limited way. If your phone can load simple web pages, you should be able to use EasyAccept. Do note, however, that you will likely be charged a fee by your carrier for these page loads. We’ve created EasyAccept with this in mind, so the page loads are very light in terms of data use. Refer to your plan for details on data charges.



EasyAccept is available for job acceptance for the SubFinder, SmartFindExpress and Aesop systems with the following exceptions:

If you fall under one of the above categories, you will still see the EasyAccept link, however, attempts to accept jobs using the link will fail.  If you are not sure if these exceptions apply to you, feel free to ask us.

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