Job notifications. Anytime. Anywhere.

SubAssistant is an online service substitute teachers use to automatically and continuously check the online SubFinder®, SmartFindExpress® or Aesop® systems. When a new job is available, SubAssistant automatically sends you a text message or email with the job details.

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What our subs are saying:

I am extremley happy with my sub assistant experience. At first I was a little unsure if I wanted to get it, but I decided to try it for the 21 day trial, and fell in love.
M.K., CT

This site is so awesome! It helped me from begging for work to working as much as I want and now I have the confidence that the jobs will come, and I don't have to live in fear anymore. I'm happy with the jobs I've been getting. Best 21 day free trial/$8 monthly after that EVER. Thank you whoever made SubAssistant.
Jeff, CA

This is the greatest service! I have been working every day and I am notified of jobs as soon as they become available which gives me many more opportunities. Very inexpensive and worth every penny and then some. Thank you so much.
Tara, Fort Mill SC

SubAssistant has allowed me to get more jobs! I love the fact that I can be at one of my son's games, shopping, or even subbing and still get a job with out constantly checking SubFinder and refreshing my screen or being woke up in the wee hours of the morning. I have texts sent to my phone, call SubFinder immediately and get the jobs I want!! I absolutely love the peace of mind SubAssistant offers!!
Angie Bingaman, Pendleton, IN

FREE 21-day trial

You have nothing to lose! Sign up for SubAssistant and try it out for 21 days! We don’t ask for a credit card for the trial, so there’s no obligation.

24 x 7 x 365

SubAssistant runs automatically, around-the-clock monitoring your accounts for new available jobs. Free yourself from continually checking online or waiting for a phone call!

Instant Notifications

Set up your SubAssistant account to send text message alerts to your phone, or an alert to your email inbox (or both!).

Accept jobs instantly

With EasyAccept™ from SubAssistant, you're just one click away from accepting jobs

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Your info is secure

You can trust that the information you provide SubAssistant is always safe. The information you provide is encrypted during transmission across the Internet and is stored with encryption. Your information is never shared.

No smartphone required

Any phone capable of receiving text messages or email can be use to receive notifications from SubAssistant.

Supports both USA and Canadian accounts

We support all US and Canadian accounts

No battery drain

Our servers run the software and send you an alert when a new job offer is available. Your phone isn't constantly checking the site, draining battery and running up the data meter.

All your accounts in one place

SubAssistant supports the most popular substitute management systems: Aesop, SubFinder, and SmartFindExpress. You can add as many accounts as you need from one or more of these systems on just one SubAssistant account!

Real Human Support

If you ever need help, you'll get a fast, personal response.

NO Downloads!

No downloads, no installation, no complicated set up! SubAssistant doesn't run on your computer or your phone; it's entirely online!