For School Administrators

Increase fill-rate and substitute satisfaction!

If you are responsible for substitute management or are a school administrator who utilizes either the SubFinder®, SmartFindExpress®, or Aesop® automated absence management system, you can leverage SubAssistant to greatly improve the notification features of the system at no additional cost to the district!

SubAssistant works on top of your existing system to provide your substitutes with instant notifications of new, available jobs. Typical interactive voice response (IVR) systems are limited to calling one substitute at a time. Once you add up the dialing, ringing, and the time it takes for the system to leave a voicemail, or for the substitute to traverse automated menus, a call to single substitute could take a minute or more.

The text and email notifications provided by SubAssistant can notify all your available substitute teachers, from 10 to 10,000, within seconds! This instantaneous notification system helps improve fill-rates for vacant positions, and improves the response to last minute, day-of, or emergent vacancies.

Best of all, the benefits of substitutes using SubAssistant are at no cost to your school or district, and can be offered at a discount to your substitutes.

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