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10 Creative Spring Activities for Your Students


Spring is a beautiful time of year that offers many opportunities for learning and growth. This season is all about rebirth, renewal, and discovery. Here are 10 creative ideas to teach your students about the wonders of Spring. 

10 Creative Spring Activities for Students 

  1. Read these best books that celebrate spring.
  2. Go for a walk around campus and have the students fill out spring nature walk scavenger hunt. This simple activity gets kids moving and is great for all ages. 
  3. Enjoy some rhyming fun with "Five Little Flowers" rhyme. Teach the kids the rhyme, then discuss different rhyming words. 
  4. Discover the magic of static electricity with this simple static electricity butterfly experiment
  5. Learn about poetry with this fun spring rain poem. Afterwards, prompt your students to create their own "copycat" rain poem. 
  6. Plant seeds in mason jars. This easy science experiment teaches kids the basics of gardening and seed growth. It also opens many opportunities for observation, hypothesizing, and recording what happens. At the end of the week, the kids can take their seedlings home and plant them in their own garden! 
  7. Create a pop bottle ecosystem. For older learners, this activity takes the next step from planting seeds. This simple activity is a great way to teach kids the components of an ecosystem and how an ecosystem functions. 
  8. Invite the kids to explore their feelings about spring by having them fill out this free spring graphic organizer. This fun prompt gets kids thinking about how Spring feels, smells, looks, and more. Depending on their age, the students can either write or draw something in each box. 
  9. Teach simple botany by dissecting a flower. Divide the students into small groups for this project. Have the students identify and label the different parts they find. Then discuss the functions of each plant part as a class. 
  10. Create a summer bucket list. Have students write a list of 10 things they would like to do during summer vacation. 
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