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10 Easy Ways to Get More Sub Jobs!

Here's some easy and effective ways to get more subbing jobs!

  1. Be there on time! Administrators remember when substitutes arrive late. Make a good impression by arriving early to your assignment. This will also allow you time to read over your sub plans and prepare to greet students! 
  2. Be kind. Smile when you pass other teachers. Discipline with consequences rather than raising your voice at students. If other teachers see that you can kindly manage students and keep a straight face, they'll be begging you to sub for them!
  3. Eat in the teacher's lounge. You are almost always welcome to eat in the teacher's lounge! Sit with teachers. Let them see that you are a competent, intelligent, and kind person. 
  4. Introduce yourself and ask questions! Introduce yourself to the administration team, teachers, and staff members. Once you know a few people, ask them to let you know if they ever need a substitute. 
  5. Get on the "Preferred List". Many schools have a "preferred substitute list" that they hand out to teachers at the beginning of the year. Ask a secretary or administrator if they would consider adding you to the list. If you get added, ask if you can e-mail a letter to the staff letting them know that you have now been added to the list. 
  6. Dress the part. Look up the district dress code for teachers and dress as they do. Looking and acting professional can get you far!
  7. Follow the plan. The most common complaint heard from teachers is, "My students didn't get anything done!" Make sure that students get the work done that was assigned by their teacher and that you compile the work in nice, neat piles so that the teacher can easily find them.
  8. Leave a note. Teachers love when substitutes leave notes. Make sure if you are leaving a negative comment about a students that you leave plenty of positive comments as well. No teacher likes to hear horror stories about their students. 
  9. Leave the room clean. Students need to clean up their space at the end of the day. Also, if you have coffee or lunch wrappers, properly dispose of these. The teacher will be impressed when they walk into a clean room the next day!
  10. Compliment a class! If you are particularly impressed with the behavior of a class, e-mail the principal and tell him or her about how awesome they are! This will make the teacher and the class feel good and they will definitely remember you the next time they need a substitute!


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