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3 Fun Classroom Activities for St. Patrickís Day

Looking for some fun and creative classroom activities for St. Patrick's Day? You have come to the right place. Here are some great activity ideas you can do in your classroom for a fun and exciting St. Patrick’s Day:

1. Rainbow Paper Chain/Pot of Gold

Here is a picture of the rainbow paper chains with a pot of gold at the end. These are super easy to make, the kids will have fun making them, and they will make the classroom look nice and festive.


  • Colored Construction Paper (Colors of the rainbow – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and black/gold for the pot of gold at the end)
  • Staples or clear tape
  • Stencil or cutouts of the black and gold pot of gold. (You could make these ahead of time if you like)
  • String or yarn (to hang the chains from the ceiling)


  1. Make a rainbow paper chain by cutting strips of paper from the different colors. Make sure each child has one of each color in the rainbow.
  2. Allow the children to tape the strips of paper into the chain
  3. Now show the children how to tape the pot of gold to the end of the rainbow.
  4. Hang the rainbow chains from the ceiling for decoration.

2. St. Patrick’s Day Bingo

You can find printable St. Patrick’s Day Bingo cards here. Simply print out the cards then play bingo with the kids using green Jelly Beans as place markers. You can use chocolate coins as the prizes for winners.

3. Chocolate Coin Scavenger Hunt

Create a fun classroom St. Patrick’s Day scavenger hunt with clues that sound very Irish. At the end of the hunt the kids can find a pot of gold! The gold can be chocolate coins.


photo credit: Wk 11/52 - St. Patrick's Day - (license)

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