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3 Productivity Apps that Can Make Substituting Easier


When you're working as a substitute teacher, time is never on your side. You know the feeling of walking into the shoes of another teacher all too well. Let's be honest: It reminds us a little of those improvisational theatre games like "Expert" from the show "Whose Line Is It Anyway?"

Since we know you don't have time to aimlessly browse through Apple's App store for that "Holy Grail" of a time-management app, save time by answering the following questions to determine which style of time-management app you need. 

Which of the following statements best describes you?

  • Your first priority is picking an app that’s easy to use without looking at instructions.
  • You want the best possible app to help you save time collaborating with other staff members and teachers at the various schools where you work. 
  • You’re already wondering how many more questions are next because you’ve got a lot of other things you want to do today.

Let’s address those who resonated with the third point first since you’re probably reading this at a time when you’re supposed to be doing something else anyway. You really need a time tracker that lets you quickly enter in every activity that you do during the day. Then the app can show you where your time is going so that you can identify where you lose the most time while job hunting or commuting from one school to the next. Your perfect time tracker is:

Caato Time Tracker for Easy Task Monitoring.

With Caato, track multiple activities simultaneously with customizable reports that break down exactly where the time flies off to in your day. For substitutes with many different classes and projects to monitor, you can create new time logs for each billing cycle to separate the hours spent per class. Export your time records into an Excel spreadsheet for meetings or income-tax reports.

Shoot Out Queries with Quip for Online Collaboration.

For anyone who picked the second point, you can synchronize your lesson plans between several classes smoothly with Quip. It saves you loads of time by keeping everyone on the same page. Modify and share living documents online, including spreadsheets, checklists and other documents. Best of all, an integrated chat function promotes stronger communication opportunities, and you can export anything into a quick email in the contact list you already have, no matter what your email client is.

Profit from Pomodoro Time for Focused Sessions of Greater Productivity.

Any procrastinator who just wants an app with the least instructions will benefit greatly from an app that lets you use the powerful Pomodoro technique. Get more efficient by breaking down your tasks, such as back-up lesson planning, into 25-minute slots of concentrated work. If you remember something else you need to do during that time, then just make a note to do it after this 25-minute session. Then reward yourself with a short break to relax and refocus on your goal, evaluate how much you did, see what's left to do and continue. 

Finally, don't forget that our SubAssistant app is the best way to get instant job alerts on-the-go. Is there another app we missed that you couldn't live without while substitute teaching? Please let us know! 

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