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3 Fundamental Tips Every Sub Should Hear

It's no secret that being an educator is tough. Long hours, difficult students and lack of funding and resources make teaching a nearly impossible feat some days. And in some ways being a substitute teacher is an even tougher job than a full time teacher because of the lack of rapport with students and faculty. Luckily we're here to help with 3 great tips for subs.

  1. Be Friendly But Don't Let Them Walk All Over You
    Sometimes subs get it in their heads that they have to be overly friendly in order to earn the respect of their students. This often backfires. Be kind but stern to earn your student's trust and respect.
  2. Don't Ask Students How The Class Is Normally Run
    Asking students to tell you what they should be learning is a recipe for disaster. Get in touch with the full time teacher or school faculty for help with how and what to teach.
  3. Don't Be Tentative About Material You're Not Comfortable With
    Sometimes faking confidence will translate to true confidence. Don't let students know if you are unsure or unfamiliar about subject matter. They will trust you know what you're doing if you display confidence.

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