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4 Substitute Teacher Interview Tips

Job Interview Question: What Is Your Greatest Strength?

Substitute teaching offers a rewarding part-time job for many people. If you're ready to take the step into the adventure of not knowing who, what, or where you'll be teaching, check-out the four substitute teacher interview tips described below.

Conflict Question

Many employers will ask this question, but substitute teacher interviewers almost always ask one or more conflict questions to potential candidates. They will ask anything from how you resolved conflicts in the past to how you plan to handle conflict in the classroom. Prepare your answer beforehand so you're not caught off-guard without relevant examples!

Flexible Question

Before you decide you want to become a substitute, make sure that you have a relatively flexible schedule so that you work when asked to work. If asked during an interview, assure your interviewer that your schedule is flexible. Even if some restrictions apply to your availability, stress that you are available more than you are not available.

Control Question

Substitute teacher interviewers also like to ask how you plan to keep the classroom and the kids under control. They will emphasize that students tend to disrespect substitute teachers and that it's often very difficult for subs to maintain control. Develop a good plan for keeping control and always have more to say than simply you would send the unruly student to the office.

Engage Question

In addition to following and creating lesson plans, the potential employer wants to know that your personality suits not only teaching, but also impromptu engagement with random students. Demonstrate your amazing personality in the interview, always make eye contact with your interviewer, and smile from the inside.

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