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5 Ways Substitutes Can Make Ends Meet

If you are a substitute teacher then you know how difficult it sometimes is to find jobs for substitutes.  Even though teaching is your passion your current position may not always pay the bills which leaves you in a tough spot.  If you are looking for a way to increase your hours and make ends meet try these ways for a substitute to make money. 


If you are a teacher by trade you have probably done your fair share of writing; so why not make a little money off of it?  Freelance writing is an excellent way to build a side income and is usually highly flexible so it won't get in the way of the days that you teach.  


It's not exactly teaching but it is pretty close and can pay fairly well.  The nice thing about tutoring schedules is that they are usually after school so you can have your cake and eat it too with this job.  The only downside is that tutoring is often as sporadic as substituting.  


Taking online surveys is a great way to generate a little income on the side.  Much like writing, surveys are as flexible as it can get so you will never have a conflict with your substituting schedule. 

Work in the School

Schools are not just a principal and a whole bunch of teachers, there is an entire support staff there; from lunch ladies to front office staff it would not hurt to have a part-time position within the school.  Not only is your foot already in the door, but you are already in the building so when someone goes home sick half way through the day you will be the go to sub. 

Use SubAssistant

Let's be honest, all you really want to do is teach, which is where SubAssistant comes into play.  Instead of spending your morning scouring the internet for jobs, SubAssistant will send you a text or email whenever a job becomes available.  Visit us to find out what we can do or download our app today to turn substituting into a full-time job.


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