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Creating a Place that Substitutes want to Be

Happy Teachers Day

Substitute teaching should be competitive. That is to say, schools should be competing for good substitutes. With the astounding number of absences not filled across the country being a major concern for their respective administrations, substitutes and administrators should be working together to fill this gaps and increase satisfaction for all parties involved.

Voice Your Concerns

Substitutes often work their assignment and just leave at the end of day. If the class and school was pleasant, they make a mental note to look for future jobs at that location. If it was a miserable day, they may leave a note to the teacher, gather their things while mumbling, and then block that school's number from their phone with a solemn vow to never return.

Not communicating issues helps no one. Eventually substitutes will have mentally limited themselves to only a few campuses, and effectively limited their income as well.

Good communication is key. Have you ever met someone who had a lot to say, but actually said nothing? Don't be that 

Be Specific- Were staff members rude? Write names and specific details about what they said. Was a discipline referral not accepted or handled properly so that you could do your job? Make sure to write notes throughout the day so you know exactly what you need to report.

Take it Straight to the Principal- Yes, they may be busy, but not as busy as they will be if substitutes refuse to work at their campus! Have your specific complaints ready to go, and leave emotions out of your narrative. Administration cares about their staff, even if they are only temporary.

Offer Solutions, not just Complaints- Don't whine and vent about your entire day. State each problem while offering a suggestion for improvement. If you really can't find a reasonable solution, speak with other trusted substitutes or teachers to see what can logically be done. Leaders love good resolutions and you will earn much more respect than someone who simply came in with demands (of left in a huff). 

Filling in for teachers is not an easy job, but you can make it better by working with school and district administration to correct the issues that keep you from doing your job to the best of your ability.

Have you mentally black-listed yourself from a nightmare campus? How do you think you could have fixed the issues? Your response could help someone else make their less-than-ideal campuses better for all.

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