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Creating Substitute Teacher Worksheets That Truly Engage

Poor substitute teachers treat their job like nothing more than highly paid babysitting. However, if you really want to truly impact your student's lives as a substitute teacher, you will take a more active role in their education.

Creating your own substitute teacher worksheets is the best way you can make a mark as a substitute teacher. Designing engaging worksheets will not only help your students learn, but may lead to more stable teaching positions.

Call the Teacher

Before you start a substitute teaching position, call the teacher and ask them about the lesson plans they are currently covering. Ask them about the subject matter, the progress of the class, and what kind of lessons have worked well in the past.

This is crucial: trying to create worksheets blind can cause you to cover information they've already learned or simply bore the students.

Research the Topic Fully

While you aren't likely to become a true expert in any subject in a short period, you should spend at least an hour researching all its variable angles.

For example, if you're creating worksheets on George Washington, you need to fully research his life including his birthplace, his education, his career as a general, his defeats, his presidency, and his legacy.

Make Them Fun, but Educational

Education should be fun: if students are bored reciting the same old lessons over and over, that information will never stick in their heads.

Try to make your worksheets as fun as possible, without sacrificing their educational merit. For example, your George Washington worksheets could include a play-acting activity where students get to dress up like and pretend to be Washington.

Various students could research things that Washington said and write a script. Then, multiple students could play him throughout the various points in his life.

Your students will be learning all about his life while actively engaging in it in a fun and exciting manner.

By designing engaging worksheets, you are encouraging better education and a more fulfilling learning experience. Do you have any substitute teacher worksheet tips that you think can help your fellow subs? We'd love to hear from you.


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