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February Plans: Resources for Lesson Plans and Activities for the Month

Happy Valentine's Day

February in the classroom is an exciting time to be a teacher! Don't get stuck in the mid-year slump; use these great ideas to bring fresh energy to your classroom:

Depending on where you live, you may look forward to some great snowfalls or the first signs of spring. Groundhog's Day is on February 2, and could provide fun craft activities for younger children. Your older students can learn about weather patterns, or study the Farmer's Almanac to predict how the weather might affect farming and gardening.

In the sports world, the Superbowl usually occurs in February, and the Winter Olympics come around every four years. You could use games and competitions to promote teamwork, discipline, sportsmanship, and personal excellence. Students could also do some math applications by comparing statistics in these sports.

Of course, Valentine's Day, February 13, is a popular holiday. Do your students know the history? Give students projects to research St. Valentine, how the traditional holiday began, and how other cultures celebrate and express love on this day. They could also do some math projects, comparing the prices of various gifts, or researching the profits or stocks of companies that sell greeting cards, chocolates, and flowers.

We recognize Februaryas Black History Month. Have your students research prominent Black historical leaders and public role models, or share stories about Black people in their lives who have taught them important lessons. If you have younger children, check out some books from the library about Black history, to share during story time.

Here are some free resources online to help you prepare for an exciting February with your students: The Teacher's Corner,A-to-Z Teacher Stuff,Pinterest, andScholastic.

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