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Fun things for a Substitute Teacher to Enjoy During Summer Break!

Some of the best things about being a substitute teacher are that you have a flexible schedule, you can leave your work to work-hours and not take grading or other work home with you, you get to know all kinds of students and teach all kind of subjects, and perhaps the best thing of all, you have summer off every year. 

Some substitute teachers take summer jobs and make a little extra money over summer vacation, but others love to take the summer off and relax or spend time with their children or grandchildren. If you love relaxing in the summer, you have probably spent the past few weeks just sleeping-in and soaking in the sun. If you're feeling relaxed and ready to go have a good time, here are a few fun things to enjoy during the summer:

  • Summer Festivals:  Check out the local summer festivals. You may even see a few of your students while you are enjoying community events.
  • Take a short road trip: Look for interesting locations that are within a 6 hour drive from your home. Make a bucket list of nearby locations you'd like to visit and start marking them off your list each summer.
  • Camping: Plan a camping trip complete with S'mores. If possible, plan to camp during the Perseid Meteor Shower which will take place on August 13th. It is a Thursday, but with the summer off there's no reason to limit your camping trip to the weekends, and with a clear view of the stars away from the city you may be able to see 60-80 meteors in an hour.

As a substitute teacher, what things do you like to do over your summer break?


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