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Get Noticed as a Substitute Teacher with a Video Resume

Camera operator setting up the video camera

In our modern world of instant means of communication and access to on-demand media, the traditional printed resume is an antiquated way to present yourself to potential employers. If you are preparing to interview for substitute teacher jobs or for a permanent position in a school this summer, creating a video resume will help you stand out in an over-saturated candidate pool.

What is a video resume?

In short, your video resume is an opportunity to engage an employer in a more personalized manner. It does not require any special equipment; a high-quality camera on a smart phone will be sufficient. The video can be uploaded to an easily accessible streaming service such as YouTube or Vimeo. Once uploaded, this video link can be sent directly to schools or job recruiters, or can be embedded on your professional website or digital portfolio.

What should be included in a video resume?

Your video should consist of you in a casual but professional environment such as a home office or library speaking plainly about your education, work experience, and related accomplishments. While these are all elements of a traditional resume, recording yourself speaking to them will provide you with an opportunity to expand beyond what can typically be done on a paper resume.  

The hidden advantages

Interviewers will often attest that the person who is represented on a resume is not necessarily the same person who arrives at the interview. A video resume provides an opportunity to display highly sought characteristics such as charisma, enthusiasm, and demeanor that cannot be included on a print resume.

If you are looking to secure a new full time or substitute teaching job, consider including a video resume to your list of application materials. For ideas on how to craft this video, check out the more than 2 million already uploaded on Youtube, or follow our blog for additional ways to find more substitute teaching positions.

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