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Halloween Lesson Plans: a Variety of Options

When it comes to lesson plans for Halloween, the web offers a wide variety of options; however, not every lesson plan available online will be suitable for every teacher or classroom. With such considerations as age, class size, subject matter, resources, space, and time available, teachers may find themselves trolling the web for hours before they come up with something that works well for their particular situation.

Before you spend too much time poking around online, save yourself some hassle and let us see if we can help out with the heavy lifting.

Start here:

  • For older students who can work independently and also have internet access in the classroom: check out these research-based plans from the International Reading Association.
  • For younger students who enjoy story and activity-based learning, try these creative plans from the good people over at TeAchnology.
  • For a wide variety of activities for many subjects (including lessons centering on art, language arts, physical education, music, social studies, and many other subjects) for students of almost all ages, see this amazing list of links over at Hot Chalk.   
  • Teachers of middle and high school grades wishing to make use of H.G. Wells's radio broadcast "War of the Worlds" should head over to this pagein Education World, where they will find a detailed lesson plan complete with a variety of activities.

Of course, these links are just suggestions of good places to start. Based on your own needs and depending on the type of learning goals you have for your particular class(es), you may find it necessary to do your own search, refining your keyword searches even further in the effort to uncover the online lesson plan perfectly suited to your needs.


photo credit: SFA Union City via photopin cc

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