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Jobs for Substitutes: Benefits of the Gig Economy

Uber e táxis em São Paulo

When you're a substitute, you need a flexible side job that will allow you to take substitute positions as they arise. Part-time and certainly full-time jobs are usually out.

Enter the gig economy, or, as they are sometimes called, on-demand jobs. They can be a sub's best friend, for two reasons.

The first is the flexible hours. In gig economy jobs, people are not employees of a particular company, but contract at an hourly rate or, more likely, by the specific job.

That way, you can put your sub classes first. One characteristic of a gig economy job is that you don’t have to show up a given number of hours. Many are found on online boards, listings, or apps where people choose whether or not they want to take a given job. In Upwork, writing gigs are on offer.; at Uber, rides wanted; in Fiverr, all types of gigs ranging from writing to drawing cartoons. Because of this flexibility, subs can work only the hours they have available.

The second is the chance to do educational work. Both Upwork and Fiverr post jobs in which you are teaching the client via writing. These can be useful additions to your portfolio.

While gig economy jobs do not result in millionaires, one can earn a reasonable rate. And since there is no obligation beyond the immediate job, the gigs can be done whenever there’s a need for cash.

The best advice? If the gig economy might be in your future as a job for substitutes, start slowly. See its benefits and any cons, and make a choice from there.

What could you do in the gig economy?

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