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Lesson Plan Ideas for Retaining Classroom Knowledge During Summer Break

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When summer break arrives, school kids tend to want utter freedom and excitement during their summer months. This means trips to the beach, camping, sleepovers, and tons of other fun stuff.

But a long break from school means that most kids will not even consider opening their books, unless they are in summer school. Without a little bit of academic work everyday, it will be difficult for them to get back to regular school life.

To prevent this, substitute teachers and full-time educators can reinforce positive teaching techniques that parents can use at home and teachers should use during summer school. Here are a few tips and lesson plan ideasparents and summer school substitute teachers can implement to helpstudents retainclassroom knowledge.

  • Set aside at least 30 minutes everyday specifically for learning. Make sure studentsunderstand that they have to study a little bit everyday.

  • Although it is not "summer fun", give studentsat least 2 or 3 math problems everyday. It should not take too long and will prevent a child'smathematical skills from getting rusty.

  • Buy your kid a story book and spend at least 10-15 minutes everyday listening to them read from it. You can even ask them a couple of questions to test their comprehension skills.

  • Perhaps once or twice a week, ask students and/or your children to write you a short story on any topic. It doesn't matter how simple it is because this exercise will build their creative writing skills.

Activities like these at home and in the summer classroomshould not take too long, and constantly reinforcing these habits will ready them for the next academic year.

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