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Make a Lasting Impression with Your School Administrator


The goal of many substitute teachers to find a school where they enjoyed working. The best way to guarantee calls for future jobs or to be considered for vacated probationary positions is to catch the attention of the school administrators. Substitute teaching in a school does not necessarily guarantee you an interview when there is an opening, but if the administrator recognizes that you have been a good sub, he is more likely to recognize your name among a crowded list of applicants. Here are three things you can do as a substitute teacher that will get you noticed by administrators.

Honor Commitments

The bane of an administrator's morning is arriving at work to find a shortage of substitutes because some of them canceled. The quickest way to tarnish your name is to not show up for a substitute teaching job. Understandably, sometimes things come up such as a family emergency or illness. These are acceptable reasons to cancel a job. Conflicts with personal plans or a job offer from another school that pays more are not. Arriving when you were supposed to should be common sense, but it is also a small gesture that administrators will notice.

Be Productive

Teachers have periods of time in their day built-in for department meetings, planning, and other job responsibilities that you will not need to fulfill as a daily substitute. Rather than remain idle in the classroom during these times, ask the office secretary or building administrator if there are tasks that they want you to complete. These may consist of managerial office tasks, covering other classes, or patrolling the halls. None of these things are very exciting, but volunteering to do them will demonstrate that you are a team player.

Open Communication

At the end of the day, be sure to leave a detailed recounting of how classes went for the primary teacher. Alert her to any variation in how the lesson went, and leave names of any students who caused classroom management problems. Teachers value this feedback as it makes their transition back into the classroom easier. Administrators, too, like to know that quality instruction is taking place regardless of who is in the room.

There is no magic bullet when it comes to making a favorable impression with an administrator. Instead, many small actions help to define who you are as an educator. This fall when you begin substitute teaching, keep this in mind as you go about your day. For more ways to make a lasting impression as a substitute teacher and how to get more jobs, follow our blog!

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