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On the Fly Emergency Substitute Plans: For Kindergarten

It's Monday, and you've been called into work. The only thing you know is that it's a kindergarten class, and you need emergency sub plans. Never fear, these plans will help any sub walk into a Kindergarten classroom with confidence! 

  • Start their morning with playtime in the classroom

This will give the children some time to wake up, and stimulate their fine and gross motor skills, as well as social. 

  • Give the children time to clean up their toys and make sure once everything is tidy they move to the carpet, or any other designated area of the classroom for circle time
  • For circle time, go around the room and have each child introduce himself or herself, and have them talk about something fun they did over the weekend 

As a substitute, you may feel 'empty handed' but you're certainly not! kindergarten classrooms are usually full of fun and insightful things that you can use for lessons! 

  • Check the classroom for clues

Sometimes there will be a theme in the classroom: perhaps it's Dr. Seuss week, space week, or animal week! Utilize these clues to help formulate your lesson plans on the fly so not only are the students are familiar, they aren't disoriented from their typical school days. 

  • Choose books on whatever subject is 'happening' in the classroom
  • Invigorate the class by standing up and having them each act like their favorite animal, talking about their favorite thing about space, or even their favorite Dr. Seuss book! 
  • Choose a 'core lesson' that intertwines with your other lessons. For example, if it is animal week, remind students to treat animals with kindness. Find ways to have students exhibit kindness in the classroom, such as utilizing politeness by reminding them to say "please" and "thank you" or "excuse me"
  • Have stickers to give students that exhibit good behavior (kindness, patience, standing quietly in line, or playing nicely with others)
  • Make sure that students have regular nap time
  • At the end of the day give them time to either play outside (if weather permits) or inside until their parents pick them up 

Whether your teaching day is long or short, engagement of the students and their interests is key. How do you think engaging a child can help to affect their learning?

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