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Resources and Lessons that Never Miss their Mark

The Fuzzy Wuzzy Math Book

New school. New class. No worries, the teacher's substitute folder and instructions will soothe your fears. After a brief scavenger hunt and a call to the office, the sad reality has come to light; there are no plans and the students will be here in... oh, there's the bell.

You are a regular at SubAssistant's informative blog, so you have this in the bag, literally!

No matter what grade or subject you are teaching, there are educational staples that will always keep kids learning the skills that they need, and keep them engaged. Their teacher will be thrilled to know that you didn't just play Candy Crush while the children stuck things in the ceiling!

Reading Comprehension- "My students don't need any reading practice", said no teacher ever! Two of the best sites around are and . There is no log-in required and you can save to PDF or print right from the page!

These websites have something for every subject so students benefit from learning new information for that given topic combined with reading comprehension skills that they need. With reading worksheets, it is okay if the grade levels do not match exactly. To be able to accommodate whole classes, you can always go one or two levels below that of the students you are teaching, and they will still benefit from the practice.


If you add color to it, they will come (to class). Turning math practice into fun coloring activities works wonders with all ages, even high school. You can do a quick google search for grade specific (too easy and you will have chaos), or you can take a look at these cute math coloring pages for younger grades. Math Crush has great resources available for even the older pupils for a small yearly fee.

Activity Books

Your local dollar store has just about everything a substitute needs for their substituting arsenal. But, the gift that keeps giving is definitely their massive supply of activity books! You can find enough to cover Kindergarten through high school in crossword puzzles, word searches, Sudoku puzzles, and even coloring books. Some of these stores even have school worksheets available in books and loose leaf. The best part is that these books are generally only one dollar, and they will last you for years, if not your entire teaching tenure.

For all of these paper resources, simply keep them as master copies and ask your school office to make the appropriate number of copies.

Don't let an unplanned day turn into chaos. By simply being prepared and having fun, engaging work ready for the students, you can avoid all of the headache and hassle. What tricks are in your bag? Share your secrets and learn from others.

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