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Resources to help you substitute in March


March is perhaps the most difficult month in the world of teaching. It is often still cold and students have cabin fever from cold days inside. On the flip side, if you live somewhere where it is warm, children may be itching to get outside. Add to that a lack of holidays and it can seem like a never-ending month.

So, what are some resources you can tap into to get through the month of March with your sanity intact, while also helping children learn and prepare for standardized tests?

March is a great time of year to start learning about bugs, plants, and all kinds of other hands-onspring related activities. National Geographic Kidshas free videos, slide shows, and activities that teachers can use to teach about all kinds of science related topics.

March Madness! Not all students will know what March madness is, but it is easy to explain. You can adapt it to math, science, reading, behavior, and motivate students with a little competition.

St. Patrick's Day is an obvious choice for a theme in the month of March. A plethora of resources, both paid and free, are available on including worksheets, stories, and other activities. Rainbows and treasure can be fun ways to branch off from the St. Patrick's Day theme. Students enjoy writing their words with multiple colors (rainbow words). Earning the colors of the rainbow can also be a motivating reward system for younger students.

Dr. Seuss' birthday, which many schools celebrate, is on March 2nd. Dr. Seuss contributed much to children's literature and there are many free resources to teach about Dr. Seuss in elementary up through high school. While he is famous for his childrens' work he was also a satirical writer and much of his work can tie in with history and literature in the upper grades. is a great resource for learning about Dr. Seuss and his books.

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