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Substitute Teachers: Find Free Printables

Holy paper, Batman

As a substitute teacher, is there a better way to supplement your teaching day than with printables? We don't know! Printables make it easy to keep the kids engaged, and are a great time filler when your regular teaching material runs out before the end of the day. The only difficulty is coming up with the topic you need when you need it. Here, we will give you a brief listing of free resources. There are so many options out there today that no matter the topic, there's a printable for that.


K12 Reader is a website of ELA worksheets that can round out your day. Covered topics are spelling, reading skills, grammar, vocabulary and composition. Specific topics are listed so you don't have to waste time sifting through endless material. No matter the grade, K12 should have you covered.


From addition to algebra, Math Drills has it all. They even have holiday printables and graph paper to print! Organized very clearly, you choose just what you need.

On the site Helping With Math, subject organization is not quite as clear, but they also have the worksheets organized by grade, which can be very helpful for the substitute teacher!


How best to engage kids with worksheets? Relating them to a beloved movie is ideal. The School of Dragons from Dreamworks sprang from the popularity of the movie How to Train Your Dragon. Organized by grade from kindergarten through 7th, these are sure to be a crowd pleaser.


Help Teaching is laid out by subject for US History, and even has activity and holiday pages. There is a lot to this site, so you may find yourself wandering and finding it a very good resource for more than history.

We hope you have found something useful here. Substitute teaching is a challenge, but using printables in your teaching gives you one more tool in your resource box. Are there sites you have found that are great resources of free printable worksheets? We'd love to know!

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