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Finding Lesson Plans: Substitute Teaching Middle School

Middle school teachers check out their new space

Are you a substitute teaching middle school? Having trouble coming up with lesson plans? Here are a few websites that can give you inspiration and have the kids wishing you were their teacher all the time.

1. PBS Learning Media 

What middle schooler doesn't like gross science? Teach them why vultures can eat rotting meat and not get sick. On this website you can also get news of the day, history lessons and more.

2. CNN Student News

Want to give the students a taste of what's going on in the world today? This news show is specifically geared to middle and high schoolers, and gives them the day's news in a short, ten-minute show that is amusing and light while not sugar-coating the serious nature of some of the events. You can get a worksheet here to make sure the kids are paying attention, and use this as a springboard for discussion in current events.

3. Teacher Vision

You'll only get three free articles per month, but if you really like it, you can subscribe. The Poetry Jam looks like a lot of fun for those middle schoolers. Reminding students that song lyrics are poetry is sure to get them involved and interested. You can then turn it around and ask them what makes something a poem.

4. Time Fillers

Did your lesson but still have time left? Rather than let them swing from the light fixtures, how about a game? Every kid has played 7-up at some point. There are other routes you can go too. Teaching a math class? Around the World Math makes a competitive game out of flash card math.

Being a substitute is no easy job. You've got to educate a group of kids you haven't had time to build the rapport with that full-timers do. Hook them in with one of these lesson plans, and wrap up with a fun game, and you can rest easy knowing you've given the kids a good educational experience.

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