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Training and Professional Development for Substitute Teachers

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Sometimes, it's easy for substitute teachers to go through the motions of showing up in a classroom and pass the time watching students do busy work to stay out of trouble. But subs can have a much more effective influence! With the right information and support, these paraprofessionals can become valuable educators. Here are some online opportunities to receive training or additional education for your professional development:

  • Universal Class has online, self-paced classes for substitute teachers to receive training and certification. The website gives a list of the lessons and courses, as well as a list of positive outcomes for those who take the classes.
  • STEDI.orgis a website for people who want to become bettersubstitute teachers. The website provides helpful information such as minimum state requirements across the U.S., and the personality traits and skills that make up the most successful subs. Users can also choose from four levels of training packages to order.
  • EdTrainingCenteroffers training across a variety of educational positions, including substitute teacher and paraprofessional roles. Affordable and easily accessible, these training courses will keep you up-to-date and provide support so you will have confidence as you enter the classroom.
  • has resources for paraprofessionals in education. There are several pages and articles related to policy and practice issues that are critical for subs to understand, as well as articles for professional development. It also has links to social media sites, where substitute teachers can share ideas with each other.

Take some time to educate yourself and use these helpful resources that are available to you, so you can become the most excellent, successful, and confident substitute teacher ever!

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