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Use a Substitute Teacher App to Focus on What Really Matters

Which is more stressful: finding the substitute teaching job or the actual teaching? Here is a better question: Which of the above spends your time more wisely and reduces stress?

Picking certain schools to sub at, then staring at your phone waiting for it to ring is not the best use of your time. That is why using a substitute teacher app that will streamline the process makes the entire subbing experience that much easier. And when you reduce the effort needed to find the jobs, you increase the energy available to expend when you take on each of the classrooms.

Focus on the Seamless Transition

A critical aspect to being a sub is that it should be a relatively seamless transition between you and the regular teacher. The students' teacher leaves for the day and you come in to take over and continue the learning. But if you are surprised every single time you are able to snag a job, that is what is going to be on your mind, not the teaching.

You Can't Be Friends With Every Single Teacher

It is nice when you can get picked personally to cover a classroom. But you simply can't be friends with every teacher and always be their first sub to call. And again, realize that this means you are again waiting for the phone to snag up the job once it is sent to you to accept or decline. The goal is to streamline the very method of getting the jobs, and to distance yourself from the free-for-all, known as the sub calling hours. Consider employing an app that calms the sub job storm and delivers the jobs straight to you. 

Share and Learn

What has your experience been in trying to set up sub jobs? Have you found more luck grabbing what you can or do you like developing a relationship with teachers who can call you personally? Have you ever tried and tried to snag a job by waiting and waiting and praying for the system to call you back? Share your experiences today; and follow our blog and learn more tips for reducing your subbing stress.

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