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What are the Benefits to Substitute Teaching?


Every single day during the calendar school year, substitute teachers are employed to help make sure that class continues to run smoothly despite the absence of the instructor. While most people think of substitute teachers as temp workers, there are numerous benefits of substitute teaching

Most schools only require a high school diploma to substitute for short-term substituting as the teachers tend to leave detailed instructions for substitutes to follow. However, certification may be required for long-term substitutes who may be taking over for a teacher on maternity leave or one who is dealing with an illness or family emergency.

On average, substitute teachers earn $105 per full day of work and $52.50 per half day of work. This makes substituting an easy form of income for those who are between jobs, still have courses to take before earning their degree, or are trying to build a resume for full-time employment.

Substituting is one of the easiest ways to build a resume. It is hard to get teaching experience for those fresh out of college but not only does substituting build your reputation in a school district, it also shows that you are capable of being self-motivating to continue learning.

You can learn more about classroom management. Organization, discipline, and authority can be hard for new teachers to master. However, with hours logged in the classroom, it makes it easier for one to comprehend what tactics work and what don't before that crucial first day.

Substituting can seem like a dead-end at first, but it can an easy way to improve your career, pick up a few tips and tricks of the trade, and earn a few bucks on the side.

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