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A Few Fun Classroom Activity Ideas

Depending on the ability of the students, the subject being taught, and such considerations as classroom size and resources, a variety of fun classroom activities can be used to spice up learning. 

Of course, the internet's offering of activity ideas sometimes seems boundless. Since not every activity will work for every group (or every teacher, for that matter), discernment must be used in order to match the right activity to the right group.

To that end, teachers must work out their activities well in advance, scorning the temptation to sit down the night before a lesson to begin scouring the internet to find an activity that meets all of the necessary criteria. 

A Few Fun Classroom Activity Ideas: 

  • Ice Breaker: Especially helpful toward the beginning of a new school year, this scavenger hunt from Education World provides instructions plus a suggested list of twenty-five items for which to hunt. 
  • Reading: From Brown University comes the concept of Jigsaw, an interactive reading activity that will have students processing the written word like never before: "In a jigsaw, the activity must be divided into several equal parts, each of which is necessary to solving a problem, or answering a question," requiring that the students process individually but then contribute cooperatively to complete an experiment, solve a research problem, or complete a story.
  • Spacial Reasoning: PBS Kids offers The Cat in the Hat: Follow the Pasta Path, a fun an active way to help younger learners develop spatial reasoning skills through listening and following instructions. 
  • Tolerance: Through a series of two lessons, students learn to give one another put-ups instead of put-downs.
  • Language: The Name that Adjective lesson from JET (scroll down within the link) can be adapted to learners of all ages in order to teach them more complex and textured ways of describing objects.

It's our hope that with lists like the ones above available to help you narrow your search, you will find the task of finding a suitable activity much less arduous! 


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