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A Substitute Teacher's Personal Summer Reading Plan

Do you still read?  By that, we are not asking if you still possess the ability to read, but do you currently, on a regular basis, sit down with a book?  Let's face it, the life of a substitute teacher, or any teacher for that matter, can be hectic.  We perform many tasks, sometimes with a moments notice, and have a great number of people depending on us.  Over time, this can drain every ounce of energy from the core of our being.  At the end of the day, has any time been dedicated to reading for our own personal development or sheer enjoyment?  We encourage students to develop a lifelong reading habit, but have we unconsciously given up that habit ourselves?  Here are a few thoughts on how to get yourself back into the habit of reading.

  • Set goals.  Your goal may be to finish a set number of books before school begins again, or it may be to read a set number of pages per day.  If you aim at nothing, you will certainly hit it, so set yourself a reading goal you know you can achieve.  
  • Schedule a time.  If staying up late suits you, read before bed.  But if you, like many of us, tend to fall asleep as soon as you cozy up with a book, try reading in the morning while sipping that first cup of coffee.  
  • If you have children or grandchildren in you life, read out loud!  Children who are auditory learners will especially love this.  Read them a classic!  Don't worry that some of the flow of language might be over their heads.  Listening will give them access to words and phrases they don't hear in everyday conversation.
  • Join an online book club.  Now, we know you may be thinking that online book clubs are for those who like to hide behind the safely of a screen and avoid real eye-contact, but that is just not the case!  Many members can find the anonymous aspect of the online club to be especially freeing, allowing a person to state his real opinion, however unpopular, without fear of condemnation.

This summer, maybe it is time to get back to reading.  What books have you read recently?  Have you set reading goals for yourself?  We would love to hear about them!


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