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A successful substitute teacher is a professional substitute teacher

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Putting aside classroom management and emergency lesson planning, the real icing on the cake that is you as a sub is presenting yourself to your peers in a professional and mature manner.  You can be the best at orchestrating a well-run classroom, but if you present yourself in a poor manner to the school's students and staff, you won't likely be asked to return. Keep this in mind as you consider how you interact with the school staff,

Show professional courtesy and respect for school staff and students. In many classrooms you will have access to student's, and sometimes teacher's, personal information. Do not seek out information you do not need to know. Keep what you do know confidential and share it only as needed with administrators and/or other teachers. Avoid teachers' lounge gossip and refrain from talking about school staff and students with friends or family members. At the end of the day be sure to leave a report for the permanent teacher and thank any staff members who have helped you throughout the day. - Jessica Smith, SubSuggestions Newsletter
You should also take care of the way you dress,
Women should select outfits in which they can walk, bend down, stoop over, and write on the board with ease. Men should consider wearing a shirt and tie. You can always remove the tie, undo the neck button, or roll up your sleeves if you find yourself "overdressed" for the assignment. As a general rule, skirts that are too short, jeans, sweats, T-shirts, sandals, and other casual clothing are not considered professional or appropriate, although some exceptions may occur in gym, shop, or other unique classroom settings. - Jessica Smith, SubSuggestions Newsletter
Finally, also consider the language you use in and out of the classroom, including the titles you use with school staff. In front of the students, use titles of other staff as you would expect the students to use (e.g. Mr, Mrs, Dr, Ms, etc.). Of course, avoid swearing and slang, even when speaking with school staff. Which things do you do that help you maintain a professional image? Have you ever witnessed a particular lack of professionalism from another substitute teacher? How did that work out for him/her?
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