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Stop Waiting For Jobs--We'll Bring Them To You. Anytime. Anywhere!

American author H. Jackson Brown, who is best known for his New York Times bestseller "Life's Little Instruction Book," was quoted as saying: "Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity."

This saying can certainly ring true if you are a substitute teacher who relies on regular employment. Missed opportunities are, no doubt, an issue that many substitutes often deal with, especially those who serve a larger district or one with a lot of competition for limited work. This is where SubAssistant can assist you!

Substitute teachers often lose out on jobs, ironically enough, because they are out on a job! SubAssistant has taken the worry out of possibly losing out on another valuable assignment. Their dedication to making sure you have the edge on receiving more employment is summed up in their motto: Job alerts. Anytime. Anywhere!

If you have been a substitute teacher for any length of time, you know the disappointment of the "just missed" call about an upcoming assignment. You may have gotten a call or an email only to get to a computer too late to accept it. Or a teacher you previously worked for may have said that they put a job in the system queue and the system bypassed you because a response didn't come quickly enough.

Well, worry no more about this scenario playing out in your disfavor. Imagine automatically receiving a text or an email with the job details and having the ability to accept a job with one click.

SubAssistant runs automatically and constantly all school year long on your behalf checking for jobs. It's like having a round-the-clock answering service working just for you!

The days of scrolling and trolling in a hit-or-miss fashion can be a thing of the past. You can set up your account to receive instant notifications via text message to your mobile phone and/or to your email account. How simple and useful is that?

Furthermore, for those of you that may have more than one substitute account, SubAssistant will monitor all of your online substitute accounts.

Why spend another evening away from friends and family refreshing your computer and hoping for work that you know is definitely out there? Let SubAssistant do the work for you.

Visit our website today and begin getting the substitute assignments of your dreams tomorrow!

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