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Quick automatic job alerts for Aesop subs

All substitute teachers know the hard part is getting the job. You may spend your whole week comforting kindergartners having a meltdown or surviving teenage sarcasm, but it's still less stressful than wondering where your next assignment is going to be. You're a teacher and you like being in the classroom! With automatic job alerts for Aesop via SubAssistant, you can get instant notifications of jobs anywhere, anytime. So relax, don't sit next to the computer, anxiously waiting for the next job to pop up! SubAssistant is there to help! 

So how does it work? SubAssistant monitors your Aesop account until an available job appears. So while you're cooking breakfast, taking your dog for a walk, grabbing a cup of coffee with friends, or relaxing on the couch, SubAssistant is waiting! When a teacher calls in and a job is posted, it kicks in by sending a notification to your computer, cell phone, or mobile device. It doesn't get any easier than that!

Actually, we spoke too soon! It does get easier than that! SubAssistant offers EasyAccept, a feature that allows you to accept the job wherever you are without having to log in to your substitute account. Even if your phone isn't a smartphone, if you can load a basic webpage you can use EasyAccept.

The joys of being a sub are not waiting around to get a call, or endlessly reloading a web browser. It's getting in the classroom, and being that sub who makes all the kids anxiously hope it's their teacher who came down with a cold, just so they can have the cool sub that day. With SubAssistant, you can fill up your schedule while relaxing and recharging after a busy school-day. How do you think this feature will improve your abilities as an effective substitute teacher? Follow us on Twitter, and share your thoughts and opinions! We want to hear from you! Also check out our blog for more great articles like the one you just read!

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