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Back to School and Back to Work, SubAssistant can help!

Job alerts. Anytime. Anywhere!

Back to school!

We're sorry, we know you're probably tired of hearing that.

It's true and everyone's getting ready! Even as a sub, there's things you can be doing to prepare for the new school year.

Some of you have started school already, but for many, there's a little time left. Check out our latest blog post for three great things you can do to get back into the groove of subbing. Read now!

Be ready with SubAssistant

Start off your school year knowing SubAssistant will send you alerts whenever a job is available. Not only that, by using SubAssistant, you can easily accept jobs directly from the alerts you receive from SubAssistant. Using SubAssistant frees you from constantly sitting at your computer hitting "refresh" hoping a job will appear. Let SubAssistant do the boring work so you can go about your life!

Don't wait until school is already underway to get your SubAssistant account going again. Sub jobs start coming up as early as the first week of school. Once your substitute accounts are active again for the new school year, sign into your SubAssistant account to check that everything is set up the way you want it. Then, just before classes resume, start your subscription again.

Remember, you already have a SubAssistant account you used last school year. When you go back to SubAssistant to get your account going again, sign into the same account you used last year (hint: the email address you should use to sign into your SubAssistant account is the email address to which this message was sent).

Don't wait! Click the button below to sign in and start getting jobs again!

Sign in to SubAssistant now!

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