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Be a Better Sub With SubAssistant

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The role of a substitute teacher is not an easy one. Going into a classroom without knowing even the basics of what the students may be studying or what projects are in front of them is challenging. Even experienced substitute teachers experience some anxiety and trepidation going into a classroom for the first time. SubAssistant wants to help you! While it may seem that we are here simply to help you find a job, the truth is bigger than that! We are here to help you excel as a substitute teacher, so that you can go to work every day prepared to make a difference, no matter what classroom you walk into.

SubAssistant saves you time. The greatest asset a substitute teacher has is time. This isn't always an easy resource to come by when you have to spend a lot of time finding and securing a job. SubAssistant is designed to get you the information and assignments you need quickly. You can control the alerts you receive from us and get work faster. This gives you more time to prepare, think and make notes for what lies ahead.

More time means more preparation. When you know your assignments early, you have time to prepare. Walking into a fourth grade class takes a different mindset than walking into a classroom full of seventh graders. Why would you do the same things before both classes? You wouldn't! Take the extra time SubAssistant provides to get ready with your grade appropriate materials.

More times means more relaxation. Students are always excited to see a substitute, which comes as a change to their normal routines. Whether this excitement comes out as restlessness, chattiness or misbehavior, a substitute has to deal with it all. By being a relaxed and well-rested teacher, you will be able to handle whatever comes your way.

We want to help you be a better sub. Find out more by taking a tour, or check out what other substitutes have had to say about our service!

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