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Behind The Scenes of a Substitute Teacher

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The role of a substitute teacher is vital to each school district. Without these professional workers classroom teachers quickly become over worked. There are some substitutes who feel their jobs are overlooked as being important. Although, some subs feel this way many of them stay in the profession because they love working with children. As with any job subbing has positive sides as well as negative sides about it.

Most problems substitute teachers face just requires a plan of action. One negative most subs agree upon is arriving to a classroom where a teacher has not left a daily instruction plan. Subs also agree being in a classroom where students are unruly and have no respect for authority is very disturbing. So, this is where planning ahead is vital to any substitute teacher.

The key to subbing is being prepared for all situations. First thing a substitute teacher should do is create their own emergency subbing kit. The kit should include a binder with different activity worksheets. The worksheets should be school age appropriate for each class and should also be educational.

The emergency kit need to also include pencils, pens, markers and educational videos. The videos can be used during science, social studies or free time. A list of the schools where subbing is mostly done should be kept in the binder with notes on each class and student.

Names of children who need extra supervision should be included as well as those who are of great assistance. Special tasks for the attention seekers in each class should be jotted down as well.

With all the negatives associated with substitute teaching most people wonder why anyone would stay in the profession. Well, things have changed a lot over the years for substitute teachers. Job pay for subbing is a lot better and finding an assignment has greatly improved.

Subs looking for work now have more options with job alert services. Substitutes are notified about work assignments through text message or email. They know within minutes whether a teacher is out of work in their district for the day. The best part is they can pick and choose their next job location. So, they never get stuck taking an assignment they really don’t want. The service is discreet and confidential. Teachers and subs finding out about the service for the first time here can contact us here to find out more information. We know educators need all the little perks they can get.

How are you preparing for substitute teaching?

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