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Building a Classroom Library: How to Find Free or Low-Priced Books

It’s no secret that any successful teacher needs access to books, and lots of them! Whether you’re looking for a few new books to add to your subbing resources or getting ready to build your classroom library, check out these tips for subs to find great books for little or no money.

1. Check out book sales at your local library. When library stocks become too large, the library will usually have a giant book sale. At books sales, libraries sell tons of books at super cheap prices and use the money to fund future library purchases or projects. Often times, they sell gently used books at prices starting as low as 25 cents! Even better, most book sales will allow you to buy books by the bag. This means you get to fill an entire bag with as many books as possible for one low price. What a bargain!

2. Stop at yard sales. Yard sales often include tons of items that once belonged to children. Spending a few minutes scouring a yard sale could lead to a serious bargain!

3. Ask family and friends. Check with family and friends to see if they are interested in donating any books. Chances are, they have plenty of books hanging around and would love to help you build your library.

4. Take advantage of free e-books. Libraries have noticed that e-readers are becoming increasing popular.  Many libraries now have a digital catalog of books that you can virtually check out and download to your e-reader.  E-books are perfect for reading aloud to your students.

Have any other great tips for building classroom libraries? Share your ideas with us, we can’t wait to hear them!


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