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Updated EasyAccept process

When you select the EasyAccept link from your SubAssistant text message notifications to accept a job, your mobile device's web browser sends a message to SubAssistant that you want to accept that particular job. SubAssistant immediately goes to work to try to accept that job for you, accessing your substitute account (Aesop, SmartFindExpress, or SubFinder) and submitting the request. Typically, this process takes just a few seconds, much faster than the time it would take you to do the same thing. The result of the request (whether or not you got the job) is displayed to you on the web page that loads.

This process worked well, but it had inherent flaws due to the design necessary to ensure the process worked on virtually any Internet-connected device. We'll save you the boring technical details, but suffcient it to say, the flaws were becoming quite pronounced, especially during a week in November 2014. During this particular week, the Aesop servers that SubAssistant accesses slowed to a crawl. The EasyAccept process that normally took seconds was taking minutes. Many subs, understandably, blamed SubAssistant for the massive delay. Between the need to keep our subs informed about the process, the need to gracefully handle these extreme delays, and the high rate of adoption of smartphones we observed from our subs, we decided it was time to update the EasyAccept process.

The most visible change to the process is the addition of a status message. When you attempt to accept a job from a text message or email, you'll see the message "Your job accept request is submitted. We're now waiting on your organization's substitute system to respond. Please wait...". This message lets you know that SubAssistant received your request, has submitted it to your substitute system (Aesop, SmartFindExpress, or SubFinder), and is now waiting to see if the job is still available, and if it is, if the substitute system assigned the job to you.

Previously, you wouldn't see anything while SubAssistant was waiting, it would just appear the EasyAccept webpage was taking a long time to load. Now instead of seeing nothing while waiting, you see that new status message which lets you know the process is working. The new status message doesn't add any delay or otherwise slow down the process. When you see the status message, you need to wait for it to change to show you the status of the request.

We have many more changes in store for the EasyAccept process, all designed to make it faster and more reliable. If you have any questions about the new process, please don't hesitate to contact support.

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