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Clark County Teacher Thinks All Nevadans Should Sub

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Jeremy M. Christensen, a teacher for the Clark County School District thinks all Navadans should take a turn subbing a class in order to gain perspective on the situation:

"We need to pass a law to require every citizen of Nevada to serve one day a year as a substitute teacher, similar to how we require jury duty service. Every Nevadan should have to experience what it feels like to try to teach 40 children — the hope that comes from getting through to a student and the despair of seeing others slip through the cracks that continue to grow from some of the worst funding in the nation." -- Las Vegas Sun

Christensen goes on to say that this new perspective will empower Nevada's citizens to make more productive suggestions on what should be done about the state of public education in Nevada. Sure, its an outlandish idea that's more for provoking thought that for actually writing your government representatives, but is Christensen on to something or does Nevada need more realistic ideas?


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