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Classroom Survival - substitute teacher lesson plan

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When you actively seek the challenging experience of working as a substitute teacher, there are certainly a few tools or tricks of the trade you should never be without. Regardless of what age group or grade level you are assigned to teach on any given day, you can be prepared with basics like extra pencils (or other writing instruments such as crayons or markers), a good sense of humor (or you may end up in tears before the bell rings marking the end of the first period of the day!), and a well thought-out plan of action (or the students will surely create their own, thus taking away any semblance of control or order you may intend to gain). 

In an industry that is definitely not designed for the weak-hearted, timid, inflexible underachiever, a game plan is essential to your success on a daily basis. Your future employment may seriously depend on your ability to adapt to change (as it is critical by the very nature of “substitute” teaching) and deploy your own, creative strategy or game plan (as it is no secret that at least a handful of your students will have game or attempt to play games with you).

One essential tool in your professional bag of tricks is a substitute teacher lesson plan. The more you teach as a substitute, the more ideas you will come up with based on what works for you personally and based on experience what types of lesson plans work with most students.

There are several, free resources available online to assist you with an initial substitute teacher lesson plan and perhaps, inspire you to generate your own unique outlines for favorable outcomes.

- Seems to be a variety of substitute teacher lesson plans available however, you can only download three freebies before you will be asked to pay an annual fee of about $40 to join the website and have access to all of the resources.
- Promotes an Online Substitute Survival Kit, which includes songs, games, lesson activities, and it appears to be free.
- Provides 10 quick lesson ideas for substitute teachers, which are useful suggestions for almost any assignment.
What could make a day in the life of a substitute teacher easier than having a lesson plan prepared for every grade level at any school?

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