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Daily Workouts for Being a Better Teacher: Four Compelling Reasons for Teachers to Exercise

Although most of our teaching tips deal directly with what happens in the classroom, a case could also be made for a direct relationship between daily exercise and teaching.

Four Compelling Reasons for Teachers to Exercise:

Reason One: Exercise is a natural antidepressant. And we are not just talking about the initial endorphin rush after a great workout. Studies indicate that after four months of regular exercise, people's moods are consistently better. 

Reason Two: Exercise boosts memory. Because exercise stimulates blood flow, the brain is flooded with increased levels of oxygen during a workout. Even a brisk walk is enough to get the ball rolling, but a full workout produces even greater results.

Reason Three: Exercise helps you tone up. Statistic show that as we age, keeping our weight consistent can become more challenging. Although cosmetic results may not be your primary reason for exercising, it will still be nice not to need new sizes of clothes every year or two. 

Reason Four: Exercise increases confidence and builds self-esteem. Confidence in the classroom is a definite boon, especially if you work with teenagers. Since recent studies have shown that even a little regular exercise worked into your routine can boost your mood and elevate your self-image, it is definitely worth the time invested.

In short, even a minimal exercise routine can help you be a better teacher and benefit your classroom performance. Teachers who exercise regularly have a better shot at good moods, enhanced memory, and increased self-confidence. 

If you have an exercise success story--or your own tips and tricks regarding how to be the best substitute teacher--please feel free to share in the comments! 

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