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Discovering a Sub's Best Sidekick

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When substitute teaching, it can be a battle to get good substitute teaching jobs. While you’re working or doing things with your family, it might seem someone else is always scooping up all the good jobs. If you have been substitute teaching for a while, it might be frustrating to see others getting more jobs, and it might be annoying to find yourself only getting the jobs no one else wants. It may seem like you have to pick between having a life and getting decent substitute teaching jobs. You have a few of options.

Wait by the Phone Constantly

You may choose to sit by the phone, waiting for the substitute teaching system in your local area to call you informing you of open jobs. This may mean giving up Saturday activities with the family or not going out in the evenings for fear of missing a substitute teaching opportunity. It might mean going to bed never knowing if you’ll get called early in the morning and have to rush across town for a substitute teaching position no one else wanted.

Settle for Less

You may also choose to just take the jobs no one else wants. You can do this knowing there are so many substitute teaching opportunities you are missing, but the good news is at least you get to have fun with your family and friends.

Get Notified First of Available Jobs

The third option is to enjoy life while also getting alerts for substitute teaching opportunities. There are a variety of job notification services, but a sub's best sidekick is really the one which is going to make sure you get notified of jobs first and which is run by a company that cares about the people using the service. With SubAssistant, you can go out with friends, spend more time with your family, and just live your life without worrying you missed a substitute teaching opportunity. Our system sends you an email or a text informing you of substitute job opportunities in your district or districts. That way, you can be the first person to know about jobs. Not only will you get more jobs, but you can be pickier about which ones you take.

If you feel like SubAssistant could be of assistance to you, try our free 21-day trial. No credit card information is required for the trial. Once you've discovered how much SubAssistant can help you, we’re sure you’ll never know what you did without it!

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