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Earn more subbing jobs by being professional

Cleaning © by Ryan Harvey

While SubAssistant is an excellent tool to help you secure additional jobs from SubFinder, SmartFindExpress, or Aesop, the real "win" comes when a teacher reaches out and specifically requests you to cover an absence.  One way to earn a reputation as a stellar substitute is to show your professionalism by leaving the classroom as you found it.

Of course, you shouldn't be left with the task of cleaning the room yourself, but motivating students to clean the classroom can be a challenge. Jessica Smith discusses the idea of a "Magic Item" in the SubSuggestions Newsletter,

Because it can be hard to get students to clean up the classroom, a fun way to encourage younger students is to pick a Magic Item. A Magic Item can be anything from a little piece of trash on the floor to pushing a chair under the desk and out of the way. Inform students that you will not announce what the magic items are until everything is cleaned up and that if they pick up the magic item, they will receive a ticket, or get to go to the front of the line, or any other such motivator.
Older students won't care about a Magic Item, but they will care about leaving on-time,
In order to encourage older students to clean up the classroom, inform them that you are charging each student an exit fee. An exit fee can be anything you choose from picking up five pieces of paper on the floor, pushing their chairs under their desks, or handing in their math books. It is completely up to you.
Walking into a nice clean classroom and a detailed set of sub notes with your business card attached (you do have cards, right?) will bring a smile to any teacher's face and put your name at the top of her list! For more tips on being a great sub, sign up for the SubSuggestions Newsletter from, then sign up for SubAssistant to get notifications of jobs, anytime, anywhere.
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