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Earning a great reputation can mean more subbing jobs

According to the United States Department of Labor there is an estimated 619,700 substitute teachers in the U.S. Of this number, 579,370 were employed by elementary and secondary schools. The states with the highest average hourly wage were Hawaii ($20.98), Oregon ($20.66) and California ($19.40). In many areas, competition for subbing jobs can be fierce. So how can a substitute stand out from among their peers and land more jobs? Great teachers, whether full-time instructors or daily substitutes, possess certain qualities that earn them an impressive reputation from faculty, students and parents.

A disciplined approach: Having control over the classroom, and using effective discipline techniques will have the effect of creating a safe environment. For many students, school is often a safer place than home or their community. Using a positive system of rewards and recognizing courteous behavior can help create a well-mannered classroom.

A feeling of respect: Good teachers respect the ideas and opinions of their students. A respected student will feel safe to express thoughts and add to the classroom discussion. Students who feel appreciated will respond in kind and will make your subbing experience easier and more enjoyable.

Communication with parents: Good teachers make themselves available to parents to discuss issues such as grades, curriculum or areas of concern. Long term substitute teachers should make a point of contacting each student’s parents several times throughout the school year and be open to contact via email, by phone or in person.

Demand quality: Great substitute teachers create high expectations for their students. Students and teenagers in general will give as much or as little as is expected of them. Set the bar high and create an atmosphere that success is expected and is earned through hard work and perseverance.

Create rapport, but remain professional: Many students complain that substitute teachers don’t care about them and can’t relate to the students. Good teachers are able to build rapport with students through a variety of methods from discussing current events and music, to dressing up on school spirit days. Good teachers do not cross the line, however, and remain professional in their approach to students.

The qualities of a great substitute teacher transcend many different areas, but come down to the ability to connect with students and convey your passion for teaching. Author and educator William Arthur Ward once said, “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” Contact us for more information on how you can land more substitute teaching jobs.

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