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Emergency Lesson Plans for Substitutes

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Substitutes and full-time teachers should both plan for unplanned absences. Subs, how many times have you walked into a classroom with little or no notes for the day's curriculum? Teachers, do you have "emergency" plans for your subs when the unexpected absence occurs? For teachers, creating an emergency packet may take a little work up front, but is easy to manage and should include things like:

  • class roster
  • seating chart (up-to-date!)
  • class rules and procedures
  • school schedules
  • common forms the sub may need
Some principles require their teachers to leave the next day's lesson plans in the classroom just in case. This should be easy if you've taught the same classroom or grade for years. But if you're new, you may not have the next day's plans all hammered out the day before. In this case, you can leave engaging activities and review work for students to complete.
Below we've listed a few sites which can help in creating emergency lesson plans for your subs to help make their day and your student's day a little more smooth:
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