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Finding Free Teacher Resources on the Web

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You've been called in at the last minute, the teacher didn't leave a lesson plan, and you have no idea what to teach.  Maybe you are new to subbing, or maybe you have been assigned to a grade or subject area in which you have never subbed before.  Do you just let the kids spend the whole day playing Heads Up Seven Up?  Or do you offer quality lessons that will impress the teacher when he or she returns?  Well, which one do you think will land you the job the next time around?

Let's face it.  Subs don't get paid that much.  Not enough to spend  all those hours at home writing lesson plans.  However, with just a little time surfing the web, you can put together your own binder of emergency lesson plans in a broad range of grades and subject areas.  There are literally hundreds of sites offering free teacher resources on the web.   So, where do you start?

The not-so-obvious answer is, with the standards for your state.  Many states have now adopted the common core standards, but if not, Google your state's name and "standards and benchmarks".  To be very simple, standards tell teachers what they have to cover in teaching during the course of the year, so if you choose lessons that incorporate some of the standards for the grade and subject you are teaching, you know you are aiming in the right direction.

Once you know what you are shooting for, there are tons of pre-made lesson plans available.  Choose some that don't take a lot of prep work and that look fun to teach.  If you google "teacher lesson plans" and your subject area, you will find plenty, but here are a few good places to start.

Common Core Lesson Plans and Worksheets

Artsonia- lesson plans for art - You need to register for this one, but the lesson plans are well worth it

Scholastic Lesson Plans

National Geographic's Teaching Resources - Contains lesson plans, articles, and printable maps for every part of the world.

K12 Reader - Lesson plans for language arts, organized by grade level and topic, materials included.  Also offers printable templates to create your own plans.

As you can see, there are many different kinds of lesson resources on the web.  The list above is only a small sample.  Now, how can you use these resources to prepare for your next assignment?

As always, feel free to contact us for more information about SubAssistant or additional resources for substitute teachers.

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