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First Aide For Substitute Teachers: Emergency Lesson Plans For Subsitutes

If you are a substitute teacher, you may have had anxiety dreams of being called to substitute teach, at the last-minute, and accepting it before your morning coffee. In this dream, you come face to face with a classroom of unruly rebellious junior high school students. These students are ready to prey on all of your weaknesses and their favorite victims are substitute teachers.

Students, from kindergarten through high school, are smarter and more insightful than we may realize. Students can tell how much preparation a substitute teacher brings to the classroom. When you enter your classroom with Emergency Lesson Plans for Substitutes you have already met this challenge.

Even the most talented teachers can benefit from having a well-organized plan to bring to class. Regardless of your experience and educational background, Emergency Lesson Plans for Substitutes provide you with the teaching tools created by experienced educators. A substitute teacher's job assignments can differ from one day to the next. As a substitute teacher, you will not always have the benefit of continuity that the regular teacher has. Classrooms will fluctuate by grade level, classroom size, and length of the assignment. Emergency Lesson Plans for Substitutes will help you change gears, with an organized plan for the grade level of an assignment.

SubAssistant also has an app, you can download, for your tablet or smartphone alerting you to substitute job assignments in your area.

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