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Four Easy Steps toward Being a Great Substitute Teacher

If you knew that there were steps you could take to make life easier on yourself, would you want to take them? Of course you would. To help you out, we've got a list of nine easy ways to manage be a great substitute teacher. All that remains is for you to follow them.

Four Easy Steps toward Being a Great Substitute Teacher:

  • Step One: Approach the day well-rested. No matter what the day has in store, you will be better equipped to handle it if you enter it fresh and full of energy. Starting the day feeling as if you are already exhausted is a recipe for disaster! Just as students sometimes need to be told to turn off the TV, log off Facebook, and head to bed early on a school night, so do some teachers. If this is a problem for you, consider setting an alarm to remind you to go to bed on time.
  • Step Two:  Decide who you are going to be. Do you plan to conform as closely as possible to the classroom teacher's style or to do you intend to follow the day's lesson plan with your own sense of flair? This can be a fine line to tread, and you would do well to think out your intentions ahead of time.
  • Step Three: Whatever you decide to be, be consistent. According to Education Gazette, consistency is the key to influencing positive student behavior. Therefore, whatever approach you choose to follow, always be consistent.
  • Step Four: Remember that a little smile goes a long way. A smile informs students that you are comfortable with yourself, with them, and with your environment, even if things are not necessarily going your way. Even corrections can be said with a firm smile. A smile sends messages of comfort, warmth, and assurance to students. Cultivating the habit of smiling will go a long way toward impacting the tone of the classroom.
It is our hope that through implementing these four easy steps, you will find yourself well on your way toward becoming a great substitute teacher! For more great substituting tips, check out the rest of our blog.
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