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Free On-Demand Professional Development Opportunities for Substitutes

We understand that the life of a substitute teacher is a busy one. Every day holds unexpected challenges that require you to remain flexible. Because of this, it can be difficult to reserve time for professional development. Fortunately, there’s a solution. Below are five free, half-hour webinars provided by SimpleK12 that can be played on demand. Keep these in mind when you have a few free minutes to spare. These webinars are ideal for substitute teachers who are interested in improving their craft. 

Easy Classroom Management and a Powerful Learning Environment in One iPad Tool

Don’t limit yourself by the technology provided by the school. Use your iPad to maximize your potential as a substitute teacher! Otus is a free classroom management tool that is optimized for use on an iPad. This webinar will discuss how it can be used for tracking attendance, behavior, assessing learning; all essential responsibilities for a substitute teacher.

Engaging Your Teachers with Online Professional Development

Originally intended for administrators, this webinar explores the benefits of online learning as a source for professional development. If you like the free webinars from SimpleK12, you’ll love the resources presented in this webinar. The topics cover all grade levels and content areas, and best of all, many of these are free!

Cyber Bullying: Essential Elements of Prevention

This webinar will prepare a substitute teacher to address some of the social pressures and issues that are all-too prevalent in schools today. Just because many of these issues begin at home or online doesn’t mean they won’t negatively impact classroom instruction. The webinar is presented by i-Safe, a non-profit organization that offers anti-bullying curriculum to schools throughout the United States. It’s likely that a school where you substitute teach will already be aware of the i-Safe program.

Introduction to the Common Core: Getting Students College and Career Ready

The Common Core Learning Standards have been adopted by 45 states and the District of Columbia. Despite widespread implementation, many teachers are struggling with how to transform instruction to best reflect Common Core practices. As a substitute teacher, having strong foundational knowledge of Common Core will keep you relevant in this time of significant education reform.

10 Techie Tools for Teachers

You don’t have to be a techie to take advantage of these 10 great free resources! Substitute teachers know the importance of being prepared for anything. This webinar will add great technology resources to your teacher toolkit.


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