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Free Substitute Teacher Resources from the Internet for Classroom Downtime

You are only halfway through the class period and all of the students have finished the classwork left for them by their regular teacher. This situation could be a recipe for disaster if you aren't prepared. The internet is full of free substitute teacher resources that you can access in an instant if you know where to look. Keep this handy list of websites available for unexpected downtime in the classroom.

  • CK-12  CK-12 provides free math, science, history, English, STEM, and SAT preparation materials. This website provides lessons, videos, practice, and real-world applications for each of these subject areas.
  • BUSY TEACHER'S CAFE  At the Busy Teacher's Cafe, you can find free printable worksheets in all subject areas. They also go a step further by providing Spanish printables that can be useful if you have ESL (English as a Second Language) students in your classroom.
  • SCHOOLEXPRESS  SchoolExpress is an excellent resource for classrooms that have a 1:1 digital program where each student has access to an iPad or computer. There are math and word games that students can use to hone their vocabulary and mathematical skills. Another great feature on this website is the ability to customize worksheets to your specific lessons. With over 17,000 free printables already created for you, your class will never run out of things to do.
  • CLASSROOM CONFECTIONS  An awesome alternative to the normal worksheets can be found on this website. Scroll to the bottom of the page and print off the "All Done" activity. This menu of tasks will keep students busy for as much time as you need to fill.
  • TEACHING.MONSTER.COM  For a fun alternative, visit's Teaching Community for six learning games that require little or no preparation ahead of time and promote critical thinking.

Don't let downtime get you down. Let the power of the internet rescue you from the classroom management issues that arise from having nothing for your students to do when they have completed their work. Add the internet websites you use in the classroom to the comments below to help compile a useful list of resources for other teachers.


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